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Patients with severe hepatic impairmentChild-Pugh Cor pre-treatment ASAT or ALAT5 ULN until baseline ASAT/ALAT are stabilised 5 ULN during nevirapine therapy and had recurrence of liver function abnormalities upon readministration of nevirapinesee section 4.4

Immediate-release tablets release the active substance immediatelyand prolonged-release tablets release it slowly over a few hourswhich allows it to be given less frequently.

Because virus resistant to all available NNRTIs can be selected rapidly during failure of a nevirapine-containing regimenit is important to assess patient motivation and discuss possible side effects and strategies for their management before treatment with nevirapine is initiated.

Viramune co-administration did not alter the ovulation suppression effects of DMPADMPA and Viramune can be co-administered without dose adjustments.

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