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According to around surveys, the irregulars to amoxicillin as well as tetracycline is either uncommonly inadequate or honest missing, indicating their non-standard presently clinical irrele vance.

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Minocycline has an increased risk of severe adverse effects compared to doxycyclineso it best to avoid minocycline as a first-line agentThese include:

Tetracycline is an attractive adjunct for the treatment of gingival and periodontal disease with a high bioavailability in the gingival sulcus.

Tetracyclines distribute rapidly and extensively in the bodyparticularly after parenteral administrationThey enter almost all tissues and body fluidshigh concentrations are found in the kidneysliverbilelungsspleenand boneLower concentrations are found in serosal fluidssynoviaCSFascitic fluidprostatic fluidand vitreous humorThe more lipid-soluble tetracyclinesdoxycycline and minocyclinereadily penetrate tissues such as the blood-brain barrierand CSF concentrations reach.

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