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Results of this study demonstrated that the side effect profile of naltrexone hydrochloride appears to be similar in both alcoholic and opioid dependent populations, and that serious side effects are uncommon.

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The mechanism of action of REVIA in alcoholism is not understoodhoweverinvolvement of the endogenous opioid system is suggested by preclinical dataREVIAan opioid receptor antagonistcompetitively binds to such receptors and may block the effects of endogenous opioidsOpioid antagonists have been shown to reduce alcohol consumption by animalsand REVIA has been shown to reduce alcohol consumption in clinical studies.

Increased frequency ofor discomfort duringurinationincreased or decreased sexual interest.

REVIA should be considered as only one of many factors determining the success of treatmentTo achieve the best possible treatment outcomeappropriate compliance-enhancing techniques should be implemented for all components of the treatment programincluding medication compliance.

Stop using naltrexone oral and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:

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