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GINETTE 35 is indicated for the treatment of androgen-dependent disease in women such as acnealopecia and mild form of hirsutism.

Assessment of women prior to starting oral contraceptivesand at regular intervals thereaftershould include a personal and family medical history of each womanPhysical examination should be guided by this and by the contraindications and warnings for this productThe frequency and nature of these assessments should be based upon relevant guidelines and should be adapted to the individual womanbut should include measurement of blood pressure andif judged appropriate by the clinicianbreastabdominal and pelvic examination including cervical cytology.

If any of the conditions/risk factors mentioned below is presentthe benefits of the use of CPA+EE should be weighed against the possible risks for each individual woman and discussed with the woman before she decides to start using CPA+EEIn the event of aggravationexacerbation or first appearance of any of these conditions or risk factorsthe woman should contact her generic viagra legal us. physicianThe physician should then decide on whether the use of CPA+EE should be discontinued.

The first tablet of GINETTE 35 should be taken on the first day of bleedingeven if a POP has already been taken on that dayAdditional contraceptive precautions are not then requiredThe remaining POPs should be discarded.

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