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Tll you doctand phamacist about all you dugs (psciption OTC, natual poducts, vitamins) and halth poblms. You must chck tmak su that it is sa you ttak Acticin (pmthin cam) with all you dugs and halth poblms. Dnot stat, stop, chang esoprazol. th dos any dug without chcking with you docto.

I you symptoms halth poblms dnot gt btt i thy bcom wos, call you docto. Dnot sha you dugs with oths and dnot tak anyon ls’s dugs. Kp a list all you dugs (psciption, natual poducts, vitamins, OTC) with you. Giv this list tyou docto. Talk with th doctbstating any nw dug, including psciption OTC, natual poducts, vitamins. Som dugs may hav anoth patint inomation lalt. Chck with you phamacist. I you hav any qustions about Acticin (pmthin cam), plas talk with you docto, nus, phamacist, oth halth ca povid. I you think th has bn an ovdos, call you poison contol cnt gt mdical ca ight away. B ady ttll show what was takn, how much, and whn it happnd.

It is not known whth this dug is xctd in human milk. Bcaus many dugs a xctd in human milk and bcaus th vidnc tumoignic potntial pmthin in animal studis, considation should b givn tdiscontinuing nusing tmpoaily withholding th dug whil th moth is nusing.

Studis on this mdicin hav bn don only in adult patints, and th is nspciic inomation compaing us topical pmthin in childn with us in oth ag goups.

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