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I any th abov applis tyou, i you a not su, spak tyou doctphamacist byou tak Ataax.

Sinc dowsinss may occu with us this dug, patints should b wand this possibility and cautiond against diving a ca opating dangous machiny whil taking Ataax. Patints should b advisd against th simultanous us oth CNS dpssant dugs, and cautiond that th ct alcohol may b incasd.

Antihistamins act as comptitiv antagonists histamin at H 1 histamin cptos, thus inhibiting H 1 cpto-mdiatd actions, such as vasodilation, la and itch actions and snzing.

Distibution hydoxyzin inthuman body tissus and luids has not bn ully chaactisd. ollowing administation hydoxyzin tanimals, th dug is widly distibutd intmost body tissus and luids with highst concntations in th liv, lungs, spln, kidnys, and adipos tissu. Th dug is alsdistibutd intbil in animals.

Whil taking Ataax, sk immdiat mdical attntion i you xpinc hat poblms such as palpitations, toubl bathing, loss consciousnss. Tatmnt with hydoxyzin should b stoppd.

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