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Atorlip-ez ezetimibe is contraindicated in the following conditions .

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Atovastatin has not bn studid in conditions wh th majlipopotin abnomality is lvation chylomicons (dickson Typs I and V).

Thapy with lipid-alting agnts should b only on componnt multipl isk actintvntion in individuals at signiicantly incasd isk athosclotic vascula disas du thypcholstolmia. Dug thapy is commndd as an adjunct tdit whn th spons ta dit stictd in satuatd at and cholstol and oth nonphamacologic masus alon has bn inadquat. In patints with CHD multipl isk actos CHD, atovastatin can b statd simultanously with dit.

Usidic Acid: Intaction studis with atovastatin and usidic acid hav not bn conductd. As with oth statins, muscl-latd vnts, including habdomyolysis, hav bn potd in post-makting xpinc with atovastatin and usidic acid givn concuntly. Th mchanism this intaction is not known. Patints should b closly monitod and tmpoay suspnsion ATOLIP CV tatmnt may b appopiat.

Thombolytics: Th saty th concomitant administation clopidogl, ibin non-ibin spciic thombolytic agnts and hpains was assssd in patints with acut myocadial inaction. Th incidnc clinically signiicant blding was simila tthat obsvd whn thombolytic agnts and hpain a co-administd with aspiin.

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