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Skip th missd dos and us you nxt dos at th gula tim. Dnot us twdoss at on tim.

Dnot us a scond inhald bonchodilatunlss you docttlls you to. This includs omotol (Poomist, Symbicot, Bvspi, Dula), aomotol (Bovana), indacatol (Acapta), olodatol (Stivdi, Stioltspimat), salmtol (Svnt), vilantol (Bllipta, Anollipta).

Advai contains a combination luticason and salmtol. luticason is a stoid that pvnts th las substancs in th body that caus inlammation. Salmtol is a bonchodilato. It woks by laxing muscls in th aiways timpov bathing.

Gnic Nam: generic viagra england. luticason and Salmtol Inhalation Powd (loTIK a son/sal M t ol) Band Nam: Advai Diskus.

In od this mdicin thlp pvnt asthma attacks, it must b usd vy day in gulaly spacd doss, as odd by you doct.

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