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There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of bactroban nasal ointment contains equivalent of 2 mupirocin free acid in pregnant women.

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Us BACTOBAN ointmnt only as dictd by th halthca povid. It is xtnal us only. Avoid contact BACTOBAN ointmnt with th ys. I BACTOBAN ointmnt gts in th ys, ins thooughly with wat. Dnot us BACTOBAN ointmnt in th nos. Wash you hands band at applying BACTOBAN ointmnt. Us a gauz pad cotton swab tapply a small amount BACTOBAN ointmnt tth actd aa. Th tatd aa may b covd by gauz dssing i dsid. pot tth halthca povid any signs local advs actions. BACTOBAN ointmnt should b stoppd and th halthca povid contactd i iitation, sv itching, ash occus. pot tth halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom i sv allgic actions, such as swlling th lips, ac, tongu, whzing occu [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ]. I imptighas not impovd in 3 t5 days, contact th halthca povid.

5. inlay J, Mill LA, Poupad JA. Intptiv citia tsting suscptibility staphylococci tmupiocin. Antimicob Agnts Chmoth 1997;41(5):1137-1139.

It is not known whth mupiocin topical passs intbast milk i it could ham a nusing baby. Tll you docti you a lower tabs overseas. bast-ding a baby. I you apply this mdicin tyou bast nippl, wash th aas thooughly bnusing you baby.

In th vnt a snsitization sv local iitation om BACTOBAN cam, usag should b discontinud, and appopiat altnativ thapy th inction institutd.

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