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A popula Ayuvdic hb, ashwagandha is otn usd in omulations pscibd stss, stain, atigu, pain, skin disass, diabts, gastointstinal disas, humatoid athitis, and pilpsy (1) . It is alsusd as a gnal tonic, tincas ngy and impov halth and longvity (2) , and topically as an analgsic (3) . Th activ constitunts includ alkaloids, stoidal lactons, saponins, and withanolids.

On study in th Indian Jounal Mdical sach ound th hb thav stong potntial as a tatmnt option humatoid athitis.

Summay Ashwagandha has bn shown tduc stss and anxity in both animal and human studis.

Som ths sdativ mdications includ clonazpam (Klonopin), diazpam (Valium), loazpam (Ativan), and oths.

Ashwagandha might caus slpinss and dowsinss. Dugs that caus slpinss and dowsinss a calld sdativs. Taking ashwagandha along with sdativ mdications might caus tomuch slpinss.

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