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Patints wha pscibd psychotopic mdication may b xpctd thav som impaimnt in gnal attntion and concntation and should b cautiond about thi ability tdiv opat machiny. Ths advs cts can b potntiatd by th concomitant intak alcohol.

Always mmb that th mdicin alon will not b nough. Whil dug thapy can play a majol in th managmnt pain, changing you listyl (such as building up you itnss and gtting mxcis), as wll as laning tmanag and cop with you pain btt, a alsvital tth succssul outcom.

Patints should b individually titatd tth dos that povids adquat analgsia with tolabl advs dug actions. Gnally, th lowst ctiv dos should b usd th shotst duation quid ttat th symptoms.

Gat ca is ncssay i amitiptylin is administd thypthyoid patints tthos civing thyoid mdication, sinc cadiac ahythmias may dvlop.

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