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Actoplus met xr may cause or worsen lactic acidosis, liver problems, kidney problems, bladder cancer, or congestive heart failure.

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Pioglitazon may caus dcass in hmoglobin and hmatocit. In placbo-contolld monothapy tials, man hmoglobin valus dclind by 2% t4% in patints tatd with pioglitazon compad with a man chang in hmoglobin -1% t+1% in placbo-tatd patints. Ths changs pimaily occud within th ist ou t12 wks thapy and maind lativly constant that. Ths changs may b latd tincasd plasma volum associatd with pioglitazon thapy and a not likly tb associatd with any clinically signiicant hmatologic cts.

I hypoglycmia occus in a patint coadministd ACTOPLUS MT and an insulin sctagogu (.g., sulonylua), th dos th insulin sctagogu should b ducd.

Us: As an adjunct tdit and xcis timpov glycmic contol in adults with typ 2 diabts mllitus whn tatmnt with both pioglitazon and mtomin is appopiat.

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