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Hypomagnsmia may occu with polongd us (i, >1 y); advs cts, such as ttany, ahythmias, sizus, may sult; in 25% cass viwd, magnsium supplmntation alon did not impov low sum magnsium lvls, and th PPI had tb discontinud; consid monitoing magnsium lvls pitinitiation PPI tatmnt and piodically.

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“I hav taking Aciphx about a ya now and I can not liv without it, ogot it on vacation and paid th pic. Will not mak that mistak again. I lik many oths hav tid vaious psciption as wll as ov th count mdicins but nothing woks as wll as Aciphx.”

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Tll you doctight away i you hav any sious sid cts, including: symptoms a low magnsium blood lvl (such as unusually ast/slow/igula hatbat, psistnt muscl spasms, sizus), signs lupus (such as ash on nos and chks, nw wosning joint pain).

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