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It may take up to several days before your symptoms improveKeep using the medication as directed and tell your doctor if your symptoms do not improve after a week of treatment.

A drug interaction trial with fluticasone propionate aqueous nasal spray in healthy subjects has shown that ritonavira strong CYP3A4 inhibitorcan significantly increase plasma fluticasone propionate exposureresulting in significantly reduced serum cortisol concentrationssee CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYDuring postmarketing usethere have been reports of clinically significant drug interactions in patients receiving fluticasone propionate productsincluding FLONASEwith ritonavirresulting in systemic corticosteroid effects including Cushing’s syndrome and adrenal suppression.

Your FLONASE Nasal Spray must be primed before you use it for the first time and when you have not used it for a week or more.

Avoid getting the spray in your eyes or mouthIf this does happenrinse with water.

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flonase may also make it harder for your body to fight off infections.

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