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As mentioned earlierrosuvastatin has far fewer harmful drug interactions that Zocor and other statinsStillCrestor is not without dangersCyclosporine can exponentially increase rosuvastatin levels in the bloodincreasing the chances of side effectsAlsoyou shouldn’t take the blood thinner warfarinCoumadinwith Crestornor should you combine it with drugs that could damage the liverlike nicotinic acid or gemfibrozilLopid

Muscle breakdown is also a serious problemIf statins cause the muscle protein myoglobin to leech into the bloodstreamit can shut down the kidneyswhich aren’t equipped to filter out that proteinThat condition is called rhabdomyolysisand can be potentially fatal.

Frequency not reportedA case of lupus-like syndrome which has been reported with other HMG-CoA reductase inhibitorspositive ANAESR increasepolymyalgia rheumaticaand vasculitisRef]

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zocor a statin, can cause muscle aches in some people;also transient liver function abnormalities.

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