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Imuran can potentiate the neuromuscular blockade produced by depolarising agents such as succinylcholine and can reduce the blockade produced by non-depolarising agents such as tubocurarineThere is considerable variation in the potency of this interaction.

Your prescription label tells you how much to take at each dose and how often to take it follow these instructions carefully and ask your pharmacist or doctor to explain any instructions that you do not understand.

Relief of chronic renal insufficiency by renal transplantation involving the administration of Imuran has been accompanied by increased fertility in both male and female transplant recipients.

Patients receiving multiple immunosuppressive agents may be at risk of over-immunosuppressiontherefore such therapy should be maintained at the lowest effective level.

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imuran, methotrexate prevent relapse in pt who doesn t respond to other therapy.

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