How much femara should i take

Give him the complete history of your ailments so that he can prescribe the proper dosage of femara.

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Information about Femara.

While using Femarayou may need frequent blood testsYour bone mineral density may also need to be checked.

Femaraletrozoleis an oralanti-estrogen drug that is used for treating postmenopausal women with breast cancerThe growth of some breast cancers in postmenopausal women is promoted by estrogens that circulate in the bloodand the adrenal glands are the main source of these circulating estrogensFemara inhibits the enzyme in the adrenal glandsaromatasethat produces the estrogensestradiol and estrone.

Letrozole is available through retail or mail order pharmacyYour oncology team will work with your prescription drug plan to identify an in-networkretail or mail order pharmacy for medication distribution.

This medication can cause fatiguedizzinessand somnolenceYou should not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how this medication will affect you.

Letrozole can cause an increase in your cholesterol levelsYour healthcare team will monitor your cholesterol levels throughout you treatment.

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there seems to be no medical reason why you can t get pregnant – provided you ovulate – and femara is a fab step in the right direction to get ovulation going.

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