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In women with an increased risk of breast cancertaking aromatase inhibitors decreases the amount of estrogen made by the bodyBefore menopauseestrogen is made by the ovaries and other tissues in a woman’s bodyincluding the brainfat tissueand skinAfter menopausethe ovaries stop making estrogenbut the other tissues do notAromatase inhibitors block the action of an enzyme called aromatasewhich is used to make all of the body’s estrogenAromatase inactivators stop the enzyme from working.

Some adverse side effects may include blood clotting in the arms and legsrestricting movement and causing immense painIt can cause chest painhot flashesanxiety and trouble in sleepingIt may also cause dizziness and changes in visionThe drug is also known to increase chances of fatal heart blockagesthrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

Studies have shown that some factors do not affect the risk of breast cancer.

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