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The most commonly observed 5 adverse experiences seen in association with the use of lamictal during the monotherapy phase of the controlled trial in adults not seen at an equivalent rate in the control group were vomiting, coordination abnormality, dyspepsia, nausea, dizziness, rhinitis, anxiety, insomnia, infection, pain, weight decrease, chest pain, and dysmenorrhea.

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Other reactions that occurred in 5or more patients but equally or more frequently in the placebo group includeddizzinessmaniaheadacheinfectioninfluenzapainaccidental injurydiarrheaand dyspepsia.

Inactive ingredientsartificial cherry flavorcrospovidoneethylcellulosemagnesium stearatemannitolpolyethyleneand sucralose.

Isolated liver failure without rash or involvement of other organs has also been reported with lamotrigine.

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