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Much of the hype about hoodia started after 60 minutes correspondent leslie stahl and crew traveled to africa to try hoodia.

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Hoodia Gordonii is a true gift of nature that promotes weight lossBeing overweight and obeseas well as having diabetes and related problemshas taken over the world like a disastrous epidemic over the last few decades and people are ready to do just about anything to get rid of these problemsThis started an endless search for natural productssynthetic medicinesand diet plans that could help people lose weightIt is one of the most promising finds in this endless search.

Introduction PeoplesPlantsand Patents in South Africa 1Colonial Science and Hoodia as a Scientific Object 2San Demands for Benefits by KnowingKhoba as a Plant from Nature 3South African Scientists and the Patenting of Hoodia as a Molecule 4Botanical Drug Discovery of Hoodiafrom Solid Drug to Liquid Food 5Hoodia Growers and the Making of Hoodia as a Cultivated Plant Epilogue Implications of a Feminist Decolonial Technoscience Appendix 1Community Protocols and Research Guidelines for Working with Indigenous Peoples Appendix 2Strategies for Patent Litigation Notes Bibliography Index.

Word got outand pharmaceutical companies moved inhoping to isolate hoodia’s appetite-suppressing property and turn it into a billion-dollar drug to control the raging obesity epidemic.

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in animal studies, hoodia reportedly suppressed rats appetite dramatically, and in a human trial, daily calorie intake among a group of obese volunteers who tested it dropped by 1,000 calories, even though they were encouraged to eat.

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