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Some of the common accutane side effects may subside after initial treatment, but patients who continue to suffer side effects should contact their doctor.

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Som o th mo common sid cts includ dy skin and chappd lips . You may also hav dy nasal passags, which can mak you nos bld.

Dpssd mood, toubl concntating, slp poblms, cying splls, aggssion o agitation, changs in bhavio, hallucinations, thoughts o suicid o huting yousl;

This mdicin contains D&C Yllow No.5 (tatazin which may caus an allgic action, including asthma, in som popl. This action is mo otn sn in popl who also hav an allgy to aspiin.

In dciding to us a mdicin, th isks o taking th mdicin must b wighd against th good it will do. This is a dcision you and you docto will mak. o this mdicin, th ollowing should b considd:

Th dcision to stop manuactuing Accutan cam as th numb o advs vnts potd to th DA continud to gow. Th numb o lawsuits ov th dug also continud to climb.

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