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Nclinical data on xposd pgnancis a availabl toicoxib. Studis in animals hav shown poductiv toxicity (s sction 5.3). Th potntial human isk in pgnancy is unknown. toicoxib, as with oth mdicinal poducts inhibiting postaglandin synthsis, may caus utin intia and pmatu closu th ductus atiosus duing th last timst. toicoxib is containdicatd in pgnancy (s sction 4.3). I a woman bcoms pgnant duing tatmnt, toicoxib must b discontinud.

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Acoxia can b takn with low dos aspiin. I you a cuntly taking low dos aspiin th pvntion a hat attack stok, you should continu tdsunlss spciid by you Docto. Acoxia cannot plac aspiin this pupos.

Constipation, latulnc, gastitis, hatbun/acid lux, diaha, dysppsia/pigastic discomot, nausa, vomiting, osophagitis, oal ulc.

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