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Ood dug allgis (spcially ta cphalospoin antibiotic such as Omnic, Czil, Ctin, Klx, and oths).

Amoxil will not tat a vial inction such as th common cold lu. Dnot giv Amoxil tanoth pson, vn i thy hav th sam symptoms you do.

You may nd tshak Amoxil liquid wll just byou masu a dos. ollow th dictions on you mdicin labl.

Busing Amoxil, tll you docti you a allgic tcphalospoins such as Cclo, Ctin, Duic, Klx, and oths. Alstll you docti you hav asthma, liv kidny disas, a blding blood clotting disod, mononuclosis (alscalld “mono”), any typ allgy.

Us this mdicin th ull pscibd lngth tim. You symptoms may impov bth inction is compltly clad. Skipping doss may alsincas you isk uth inction that is sistant tantibiotics. Amoxil will not tat a vial inction such as th lu a common cold.

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