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Arthritis rheum apr;64 4 clin exp rheumatol may-jun;30 3 cyclosporine interacts with certain azulfidine lupus, so be sure to notify your doctor of any medications you may azulfidine lupus taking, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, supplements, and vitamins.

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Tll you docti you a allgic tsulasalazin, sulapyidin, aspiin, cholin magnsium tisalicylat (Tiosal, Tilisat), cholin salicylat (Athopan), msalamin (Asacol, Pntasa, owasa), salsalat (Agsic-SA, Disalcid, Salgsic, oths), sula dugs, tisalicylat (Ticosal, Tilisat),any oth dugs. tll you doctand phamacist what psciption and nonpsciption mdications you a taking, spcially digoxin (Lanoxin), olic acid, and vitamins. tll you docti you hav hav v had asthma, kidny liv disas, pophyia, blood poblms, blockag in you intstin uinay tact. tll you docti you a pgnant, plan tbcom pgnant, a bast-ding. I you bcom pgnant whil taking sulasalazin, call you docto. plan tavoid unncssay polongd xposu tsunlight and twa potctiv clothing, sunglasss, and sunscn. Sulasalazin may mak you skin snsitiv tsunlight.

DA pgnancy catgoy B. Azulidin is not xpctd tham an unbon baby. Howv, you may nd ttak olic acid supplmnts i you tak this mdicin duing pgnancy. ollow you docto’s instuctions. Tll you docti you a pgnant plan tbcom pgnant duing tatmnt.

Duing pgnancy, this mdication should b usd only whn claly ndd. Caution is advisd i this mdication is usd na th xpctd dlivy dat bcaus simila dugs may caus ham ta nwbon. Discuss th isks and bnits with you docto. I you bcom pgnant whil taking this dug, contact you doctight away. This mdication may low you olic acid lvls, incasing th isk spinal cod dcts. Tho, chck with you docttmak su you a taking nough olic acid. Pnatal ca should includ tsts spinal cod dcts.

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