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Atorlip-ez ezetimibe has a mechanism of action that differs from those of other classes of cholesterol-reducing compounds statins, bile acid sequestrants resins , fibric acid derivatives, and plant stanols .

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CYP2C19 Inhibitos: Clopidogl is mtabolizd tits activ mtabolit in pat by CYP2C19. Concomitant us ctain dugs that inhibit th activity this nzym sults in ducd plasma concntations th activ mtabolit clopidogl and a duction in platlt inhibition. Th clinical lvanc this intaction is unctain. As a pcaution concomitant us stong modat CYP2C19 inhibitos should b discouagd. Mdicinal poducts that a stong modat CYP2C19 inhibitos includ xampl, ompazol and sompazol, luvoxamin, luoxtin, moclobmid, voiconazol, luconazol, ticlopidin, cabamazpin, and avinz.

Avoid using ompazol sompazol with ATOLIP CV . Ompazol and sompazol signiicantly duc th antiplatlt activity clopidogl. Whn concomitant administation a PPI is quid, consid using anoth acid-ducing agnt with minimal nCYP2C19 inhibitoy ct on th omation clopidogl activ mtabolit.

Oth ibats: Bcaus it is known that th isk myopathy duing tatmnt with HMG-CoA ductas inhibitos is incasd with concunt administation oth ibats, ATOLIP CV should b administd with caution whn usd concomitantly with oth ibats.

Thombolytics: Th saty th concomitant administation clopidogl, ibin non-ibin spciic thombolytic agnts and hpains was assssd in patints with acut myocadial inaction. Th incidnc clinically signiicant blding was simila tthat obsvd whn thombolytic agnts and hpain a co-administd with aspiin.

In animal modls, atovastatin lows plasma cholstol and lipopotin lvls by inhibiting HMG-CoA ductas and cholstol synthsis in th liv and by incasing th numb hpatic LDL cptos on th cll suac tnhanc uptak and catabolism LDL; atovastatin alsducs LDL poduction and th numb LDL paticls.

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atorlip is a statin, used as a cholesterol- and triglyceride- lowering drug.

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