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I you alsus an oal stoid mdication, you should not stop using it suddnly. ollow you docto’s instuctions about taping you dos.

Inhald salmtol is a long-acting bonchodilato. Bonchodilatos a mdicins that a bathd in though th mouth topn up th bonchial tubs (ai passags) in th lungs. It livs cough, whzing, shotnss bath, and toubld bathing by incasing th low ai though th bonchial tubs.

I a pviously ctiv dosag gimn ails tpovid adquat impovmnt in asthma contol, th thaputic gimn should b valuatd and additional thaputic options (.g., placing th cunt stngth ADVAI DISKUS with a high stngth, adding additional inhald coticostoid, initiating oal coticostoids) should b considd.

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