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For pain aspirin is not a very effective pain reliever and has unacceptable side effects for me.

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Show dyou dcid whth not a gula, pvntiv dos aspiin is ight you? And i it is, how dyou low th isk sid cts? Th’s nsimpl omula, unotunatly. “Whn you’ dciding whth somon should tak blood pssu mdication diabts mdication, th a cla cutos. In th cas aspiin, th dcision is multiactoial and quis a lot thought,” ndick tlls WbMD.

Ths a not th only dugs that cannot b usd with aspiin. Anyon whis taking aspiin should inom thi docto, as oth dugs can alsintact.

Som mdicin lalts advis taking aspiin with wat, whil oths may commnd taking it bat ood.

Taking low-dos aspiin isn’t th only way tmaximiz th dug’s bnits whil minimizing its dangs. popl at incasd isk gastointstinal complications, ndick commnds combining any aspiin thapy with a pscibd poton pump inhibit(PPI) such as Pvacid, Pilosc, Nxium.

I you tak psciption mdications high blood pssu, high cholstol, and diabts, thy may not b nough tpotct you hat. Talk tyou doctabout whth ths mdications a nough you and whth adding an aspiin gimn can hlp uth duc th isk anoth hat attack clot-latd (ischmic) stok.

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aspirin may interfere with lodine s effectiveness for reducing inflammation, although data on this point are not clear.

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