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Amitriptyline works on your central nervous system to increase the level of certain chemicals in your brain and improve your depression.

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Onc you a on th ight dos and dug combination you thn you may continu on th mdication indinitly. You and you doctmay dcid that you should wan yousl th mdicins gadually vy six months stnsu thy a still ncssay you.

Amitiptylin may caus oth sid cts. Call you docti you hav any unusual poblms whil taking this mdication.

As dscibd oth psychotopics, amitiptylin may modiy insulin and glucos sponss calling adjustmnt th antidiabtic thapy in diabtic patints; in addition, th dpssiv illnss itsl may act patints’ glucos balanc.

Clos supvision patints and in paticula thos at high isk should accompany dug thapy spcially in aly tatmnt and ollowing dos changs. Patints (and cagivs patints) should b altd about th nd tmonitany clinical wosning, suicidal bhaviou thoughts and unusual changs in bhaviou and tsk mdical advic immdiatly i ths symptoms psnt.

Anasthtics givn duing ti/ttacyclic antidpssant thapy may incas th isk ahythmias and hypotnsion. I possibl, discontinu this mdicinal poduct sval days bsugy; i mgncy sugy is unavoidabl, th anasthtist should b inomd that th patint is bing statd.

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