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Aldara cream is not a remedy, since sk is considered to be the long-term skin condition.

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Aly, intns local inlammatoy actions including skin wping osion can occu at only a w applications imiquimod cam. Local inlammatoy actions may b accompanid, vn pcdd, by lu-lik systmic signs and symptoms including malais, pyxia, nausa, myalgias and igos. An intuption dosing should b considd.

Zyclaa 2.5% 3.75%: Apply qDay tskin actd aa (ith nti ac balding scalp) tw2-wk tatmnt cycls spaatd by 2-wk no-tatmnt piod.

Mmb, kp this and all oth mdicins out th ach childn, nv sha you mdicins with oths, and us Aldaa only th indication pscibd.

Ach packt Aldaa is a singl application only. Thow away th packt at on us, vn i th is mdicin lt in it. I you tat mthan on skin aa at a tim, ask you docthow many packts tus.

This mdication is usd ttat ctain typs gowths on th skin. Ths a pcancous gowths (actinic katoss), a ctain typ skin canc (supicial basal cll cacinoma), and wats on th outsid th gnitals/anus. Tating ths conditions can dcas complications om thm. Imiquimod blongs ta goup dugs calld immun spons modiis. It is blivd twok by hlping tactivat you immun systm tight ths abnomal skin gowths.

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