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Th possibility o nal impaimnt in th ldly must b considd and th dosag should b adjustd accodingly (s Dosag in nal impaimnt blow). Adquat hydation o ldly patints taking high oal doss o Aciclovi should b maintaind.

Swallow you aciclovi tablts with a glass o wat. I you hav diiculty swallowing th tablts, thy can b dissolvd in wat. Add th tablts to a small glass o wat and sti. This may mak swallowing th tablts asi. You can tak aciclovi with o without ood. Spaat you doss out vnly duing th day. o xampl, i you dos is to b takn 5 tims a day, tak a dos about vy 4 hous such as 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and 11pm. Aciclovi woks bst whn th amount o dug in you body is kpt at a constant lvl. Dink plnty o wat whil taking aciclovi, to kp you kidnys woking wll (unlss you docto adviss you othwis). You docto will advis you on how long to tak aciclovi o (usually 5 to 10 days). I you ogt to tak you dos, tak it as soon as you mmb that day. But, i it is naly tim o you nxt dos, just tak th nxt dos at th ight tim. Do not tak doubl th dos. Kp taking aciclovi until you inish all th tablts. Do not stop taking it, vn i you l btt at a w days. This will pvnt th inction om tuning.

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although not considered further in this review, acyclovir and valaciclovir are used at high dose to prevent cytomegalovirus infections, for example in bone marrow transplant recipients 47 , therefore, the total use of these antivirals is even higher.

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