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The recommended dose range of simvastatin is 10 mg to 40 mgand it is administered once daily in the evening with or without foodTherapy usually is initiated with 10 or 20 mg dailybut individuals who have a high risk of heart disease can be started on 40 mg dailySimvastatin 80 mg is restricted to patients who have been taking simvastatin 80 mg chronicallyfor examplefor 12 months or morewithout evidence of muscle toxicity because the 80 mg dose is associated with increased risk of muscle toxicityincluding rhabdomyolysisPatients who are currently tolerating the 80 mg dose of simvastatin who need to start an interacting drug that should not be taken with simvastatin or is associated with a dose cap for simvastatin should be switched to an alternative statin or statin-based regimen with less potential for the drug-drug interactionPatients that require more than the 40 mg dose should be switched to an alternative drug.

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Blisteringpeelingor loosening of the skin bloating burningcrawlingitchingnumbnesspricklingpins and needlesor tingling feelings constipation diarrhea difficulty with swallowing general tiredness and weakness indigestion largehive-like swelling on the faceeyelidslipstonguethroathandslegsfeetor sex organs light-colored stools loss of appetite pains in the stomachsideor abdomenpossibly radiating to the back pale skin puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyesfacelipsor tongue red skin lesionsoften with a purple center redirritated eyes skin rashhivesor itching soresulcersor white spots in the mouth or on the lips tightness in the chest troubled breathing with exertion unusual bleeding or bruising upper right abdominal or stomach pain weakness in the armshandslegsor feet yellow eyes or skin.

The usual dosage range is 5 to 40 mg/dayIn patients with CHD or at high risk of CHDZOCOR can be started simultaneously with dietThe recommended usual starting dose is 10 or 20 mg once a day in the eveningFor patients at high risk for a CHD event due to existing CHDdiabetesperipheral vessel diseasehistory of stroke or other cerebrovascular diseasethe recommended starting dose is 40 mg/dayLipid determinations should be performed after 4 weeks of therapy and periodically thereafter.

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