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In order to have an effective lawsuit, it is preferable that you contact a lawyer who is experienced in cases related to the side effects of wellbutrin.

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ABoth medications show the possibility of causing weight gainbut they tend to promote weight loss insteadHoweverit is possible when taken together they will cause weight gain in some individuals.

Generic Namebupropionbyoo PRO pee onBrand NamesAplenzinBuprobanForfivo XLWellbutrin SRWellbutrin XLZybanZyban Advantage PackBudeprion XL.

AThe Wellbutrin is not approved for use for anxiety and this may be why you are still experiencing high anxietyPaxil is approved for use for anxiety disorderYou may want to talk to your doctor about Wellbutrin and see if there is another medication that they may want you to try since it is not helping your anxietyMegan UeharaPharmD.

QCan Wellbutrin cause weight gainI have been on it for 12 years and at 300 mg a day for three years nowI am going off it gradually.

Stopping the drug too abruptly can result in withdrawal ordiscontinuation syndromewhich shows up as repetitiveuncontrollable twisting of a part of the bodyirritabilityanxietymaniaand headaches.

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