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Table 5Adverse Reactions in the High Dose Group As Compared to the Low Dose Groupin Monotherapy Epilepsy Trials in Adult and Pediatric Patients.

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Topiramate is often sold under the brand name TopamaxIt is an anti-convulsive drug that stands apart from all other drugs used to treat convulsions or mood disorders because it does not share the same chemical compositionMedical researchers currently do not know how Topiramate works.

WarningThe primary use of Topiramateand the only use for which it has regulatory approvalis to treat seizuresSome people use Topiramate to treat other conditionswhich may include PTSDAxis II mood disordersand eating disordersHoweverno peer-reviewed studies have established that Topiramate is safe and effective for those conditionsand therefore these uses have not been approved by the FDAThere is limited evidence supporting these uses that comes from small-scale case studiesbut as yet there have been no large studies that researchers have published.

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i am currently on haldol-d, lithium, topamax, requip , which he switched me to from cogentin to counteract the side effects of the haldol, but he also decided that the requip wasn t good alone so i also need according to him loxipine to counteract the requip , but then the seroquel i have been on a month or so is now out, it is just a drug roulette.

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