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This isn t a full list of drugs that interact with simvastatin and rosuvastatin, so make sure you tell your doctor about all the medications you re taking if they prescribe you either of these drugs.

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Rosuvastatin is used to reduce your LDLbadcholesterol levels and increase your HDLgoodcholesterol levelsIt also reduces your levels of triglyceridesfats in your bloodImproving your cholesterol levels helps prevent blockages from forming in your arteriesThese blockages can cause serious problemsincluding heart attack or stroke.

Rosuvastatin is used to lower cholesterol and triglyceridestypes of fatin the blood.

Warfarin is used to thin the bloodTaking this drug with rosuvastatin can increase your INRThis is a measure of how quickly your blood clotsYour INR may need to be measured more often when you start taking rosuvastatin or if your doctor changes your dosage.

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87 in the rosuvastatin group, the proportion of these were similar to those observed in the overall jupiter trial.

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