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Renagel should only be given to pregnant women if clearly needed and after a careful risk benefit analysis has been conducted for both the mother and the foetus see section 5.

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Due to the change in the marketthe need for patient support services has changedRenassist will remain open through December 212017but will not reopen in 2018What this means for healthcare professionals and patients:

You should not take Renagel if you are allergic to sevelameror if you have a bowel obstruction.

Very common10or moreVomiting22nausea20diarrhea19dyspepsia16

During post marketing experiencevery rare cases of increased thyroid stimulating hormoneTSHlevels have been reported in patients co-administered sevelamer hydrochloride and levothyroxineCloser monitoring of TSH levels is therefore recommended in patients receiving both medicinal products.

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