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Systmic allgic actions, including anaphylaxis, uticaia, angiodma, and gnalizd ash [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ].

Mupiocin has bn shown tb activ against suscptibl isolats S. auus and S. pyogns, both in vitand in clinical tials [s INDICATIONS AND USAG ]. Th ollowing in vitdata a availabl, but thi clinical signiicanc is unknown. Mupiocin is activ against most isolats Staphylococcus pidmidis .

In th scond tial, subjcts with imptigw andomizd tciv ith BACTOBAN ointmnt 3 tims daily 30 t40 mg p kg oal ythomycin thylsuccinat p day (this was an unblindd tial) 8 days. Th was a ollow-up visit 1 wk at tatmnt ndd. Clinical icacy ats at th ollow-up visit in th valuabl populations (adults and pdiatic subjcts includd) w 93% BACTOBAN ointmnt (n = 29) and 78.5% ythomycin (n = 28). Pathogn adication ats in th valuabl populations w 100% both tst goups.

Mupiocin is bacticidal at concntations achivd by topical administation. Mupiocin is highly potin bound (gat than 97%) and th ct wound sctions on th minimum inhibitoy concntations (MICs) mupiocin has not bn dtmind.

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