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· Thandai lavou woks bst with low-at milk wat whn chilld. I you cant sist suga, just add w gains suga tadd tast.

· Spic Mix lavou tasts btt with Buttmilk. You may add a littl salt tuth impov th tast. uth, Buttmilk bing high in potin & minals and low in at & cabs, is an idal combination with Poliva Light n Lan. On top that, Buttmilk bing po-biotic in natu, uth nhancs th gut micobiom and maks digstion asi.

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Th poduct itsl says you nd tat ducd caloi dicit dit and hal an hou xcis. I don’t undstand why anyon nd tbuy this poduct i you a gonna dit and xcis anyways. :/

Cabohydats cabs shot a th pd souc ngy in th body and body tis tus that ist. ats, which a compact om ngy (having mthan doubl th ngy p g ood as compad toth maco-nutints) a usd as sv om ngy. Potins as an ngy souc a th last pd by th body and it only gts usd whn nith cabs nats a availabl. Othwis, potins a stod in om muscls in nomal cous.

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