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Symptoms of haloperidol excess have been observed in the patients receiving haloperidol and fluvoxamine together.

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Fluvoxamine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing babyYou should not breast-feed while you are using fluvoxamine.

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“After growing up much of my life leaving myself undiagnosedI decided to start therapy for OCD and anxietyI later decided to start taking medicineI’m only 18 years oldThey put me on FluvoxamineLuvoxI’m currently on 200mgIt’s harder to notice a difference since it took forever to kick inbut overall I feel much betterand I’m able to be more social and not stress outI’m able to let things goThe only side effect I notice is tirednessHowever I’m able to cope

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in a dose proportionality study involving fluvoxamine maleate at 100 mg day, 200 mg day and 300 mg day for 10 consecutive days in 30 normal volunteers, steady-state was achieved after about a week of dosing.

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