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Patients or their caregivers should contact their health care professionals right away if they experience any symptom of HLH while taking lamotrigineHLH can occur within days to weeks after starting treatmentA physical examination and specific laboratory blood tests and other evaluations are used to diagnose HLHSigns and symptoms of HLH include but are not limited to:

To take the chewable dispersible tabletyou may either swallow it whole with a glass of wateror chew it first and then swallow itYou may also place the tablet into 1 teaspoon of water or diluted fruit juice and allow it to disperse in the liquid for about 1 minuteGently swirl the liquid and then swallow all of the mixture right awayDo not save it for later use.

The effects of lamotrigine on the induction of specific families of mixed-function oxidase isozymes have not been systematically evaluated.

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starting these medicines may lessen how well lamictal xr works.

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