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These supplements are the dietary supplements that mainly contain hoodiaalong with other ingredientsand are used for losing weightThese supplementsbecause of their hoodia contentgive the feeling of a full stomach and thus result in a loss of appetiteThisin turnresults in a lower intake of foodlower energy intakeutilization of the fat stored in the body and the subsequent loss of weightUnlike many other weight-loss diet supplementsit is saferstudies are still going on to explore possibilities of threats to the liverin the sense that it does not contain artificial stimulants

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DUse in LIFE-THREATENING emergencies when no safer drug availablePositive evidence of human fetal risk.

P57a putative pharmacologically active steroidal glycosidehas been isolatedin clinical trials.

Hoodia is in high demand across the world because it is really helping people out with losing weightBecause of thisDelmar LaboratoriesNutralab Inccame up with a product range named Hoodia Gordonii Dexmore preciselyHoodia Dex-L10A whole range of dietary supplements that function as appetite suppressants are sold under this series nameThese products include Hoodia Dex-L10 Basic Diet PillsHoodia Dex-L10 Completea mixture of hoodia with some herbsand Hoodia Dex-L10 Gordonii Soft Chewsthe latest product releasedAs the name suggeststhe chief ingredient of these products is the extract of the plant hoodia gordoniia succulent plant of the Asclepiad familywhich is native to the Kalahari desert of Africa and is known for its appetite suppressing properties.

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