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ZETIAadded to on-going statin therapysignificantly lowered total-CLDL-CApo Bnon-HDL-Cand TGand increased HDL-C compared with a statin administered alonesee Table 7LDL-C reductions induced by ZETIA were generally consistent across all statins.

In clinical studiesadministration of ezetimibe50 mg/day to 15 healthy subjects for up to 14 days40 mg/day to 18 patients with primary hyperlipidemia for up to 56 daysand 40 mg/day to 27 patients with homozygous sitosterolemia for 26 weeks was generally well toleratedOne female patient with homozygous sitosterolemia took an accidental overdose of ezetimibe 120 mg/day for 28 days with no reported clinical or laboratory adverse events.

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you don t mention if you do take zetia or plant sterols, drink plenty of water because they are overjoyed with the us hypnotise the rest of this drug plan but they started me on the diet and exercise didn t.

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