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Other medications with similar action are fluoxetine prozac and paroxetine paxil .

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9Patkar AAMasand PSKrulewicz Set alA randomizedcontrolledtrial of controlled release paroxetine in fibromyalgiaAm J Med 1202007448-54.

The most common dose-dependent side effects associated with treatment discontinuation in clinical trials for the treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder with controlled-release paroxetinethe active ingredient contained in Paxil25 mg compared with 12.5 mg included nauseasomnolenceimpaired concentrationdry mouthdizzinessdecreased appetitesweatingtremorand yawn.

Alcohol and Paxil are two commonly used substancesbut should they be used togetherIf someone is mixing alcohol and Paxilwhat are the side effects and dangers?

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in case of paxil, it is one of the strongest medications now available on the market and it is also considered pretty addictive.

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