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7. Caig WA, Gb AU “Woldwid xpinc with bacampicillin administd twic a day.” v Inct Dis 3 (1981): 171-7.

2. CavanzJ, Gacia C, BotC “Chonic cholstasis, paucity bil ducts, d cll aplasia, and th Stvns-Johnson syndom.” Gastontology 99 (1990): 854-6.

24. Baus BD, omankiwicz JA, Gotz V, anklin J J, obts B “Compaativ study diaha associatd with clindamycin and ampicillin thapy.” Am J Gastontol 73 (1980): 244-8.

Applis tampicillin: oal capsuls, oal suspnsion, pantal powd injction inusion.

Psciption compltion waning: inish all you mdication as pscibd by you docto. Don’t stop taking you dug skip doss i you stat tl btt. Doing scould mak you inction last long. You could alsbcom sistant tth dug. That mans i you gt anoth bactial inction, ampicillin may not wok ttat it. Diaha waning: This dug may caus diaha. Call you docti you hav bloody waty diaha with without stomach camps and v at you stop taking this dug.

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ampicillin injection comes as a powder to be mixed with fluid and injected intravenously into a vein or intramuscularly into a muscle .

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