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In a 12-weekrandomizeddouble-blind active-controlledparallel-groupmulticenternon-inferiority studypatients from 2 years to 17 years of age with pauciarticularpolyarticular course JRA or systemic onset JRAwith currently inactive systemic featuresreceived one of the following treatmentscelecoxib 3 mg/kgto a maximum of 150 mgtwice dailycelecoxib 6 mg/kgto a maximum of 300 mgtwice dailyor naproxen 7.5 mg/kgto a maximum of 500 mgtwice dailyThe response rates were based upon the JRA Definition of Improvement greater than or equal to 30JRA DOI 30criterionwhich is a composite of clinicallaboratoryand functional measures of JRAThe JRA DOI 30 response rates at week 12 were 6980and 67in the celecoxib 3 mg/kg twice dailycelecoxib 6 mg/kg twice dailyand naproxen 7.5 mg/kg twice daily treatment groupsrespectively.

Because of the risk of disseminated intravascular coagulation with use of CELEBREX in pediatric patients with systemic onset JRAmonitor patients for signs and symptoms of abnormal clotting or bleedingand inform patients and their caregivers to report symptoms as soon as possible.

Signs of stomach bleedingbloody or tarry stoolscoughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds;

Coadministration of CELEBREX with an aluminumand magnesium-containing antacids resulted in a reduction in plasma celecoxib concentrations with a decrease of 37in Cmax and 10in AUCCELEBREXat doses up to 200 mg twice dailycan be administered without regard to timing of mealsHigher doses400 mg twice dailyshould be administered with food to improve absorption.

Celebrex can increase your risk of fatal heart attack or strokeespecially if you use it long term or take high dosesor if you have heart diseaseEven people without heart disease or risk factors could have a stroke or heart attack while taking this medicine.

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