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Bactrim may produce incorrect test results if you are monitoring the health of your kidneys with certain tests such as creatinine .

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2. Al-Khatib SM, LaPoint N, Kam JM, Cali M. What Clinicians Should Know About th QT Intval. JAMA . 2003;289(16):2120-2127.

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BACTIM is indicatd in th tatmnt sv complicatd uinay tact inctions in adults and pdiatic patints twmonths ag and old du tsuscptibl stains schichia coli, Klbsilla spcis, ntobact spcis, Moganlla moganii and Potus spcis whn oal administation BACTIM is not asibl and whn th oganism is not suscptibl tsingl-agnt antibactials ctiv in th uinay tact.

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