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This type of treatment, called intrathecal baclofen itb , can help people who have a hard time with side effects of the pill form.

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Information about Baclofen.

Baclon alscoms as a spinal injction, which is only givn by a halthca povid.

Baclon coms as a tablt ttak by mouth. It usually is takn th tims a day at vnly spacd intvals. ollow th dictions on you psciption labl caully, and ask you doctphamacist txplain any pat you dnot undstand. Tak baclon xactly as dictd. Dnot tak mlss it tak it motn than pscibd by you docto. This dug must b takn gulaly a w wks bits ull ct is lt.

Tmak su you can saly tak baclon, tll you docti you hav any ths oth conditions:

Patints should hav vsibl spasticity sthat baclon tablt tatmnt will aid in stoing sidual unction. Baclon tablts may alsb som valu in patints with spinal cod injuis and oth spinal cod disass.

Disclaim: Ou goal is tpovid you with th most lvant and cunt inomation. Howv, bcaus dugs act ach pson dintly, w cannot guaant that this list includs all possibl dosags. This inomation is not a substitut mdical advic. Always spak with you doctphamacist about dosags that a ight you.

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you can t just quit baclofen it must be tapered up and down when getting on or off it, stopping use suddenly leads to the same kind of prolonged, painful detox that benzos induce.

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