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A penicillin antibiotic such as amoxicillin amoxil, augmentin, dispermox, moxatag , ampicillin principen, unasyn , dicloxacillin dycill, dynapen , oxacillin bactocill , or penicillin bicillin l-a, pc pen vk, pfizerpen .

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Th liquid and chwabl tablt oms this mdication may contain phnylalanin. Talk tyou doctbusing ths oms amoxicillin and clavulanat potassium i you hav phnylktonuia (PKU).

Th CHMP hamonisd th indications Augmntin usd as an intavnous injction (inta vin) tinclud ctain disass which oal tatmnt is not appopiat: sv inctions th a, nos and thoat, inta-abdominal inctions and mal gnital inctions. Th Committ agd that th injction can always b usd at th stat tatmnt, bswitching tth tablts oal suspnsion, all th disas which oal tatmnt is appopiat. Th CHMP alsagd that th injction can b usd tpvnt inctions in majsugis involving th gut, plvic cavity, had and nck and th biliay tact.

Mdical poblm? Call 1800 022 222. I you nd ugnt mdical hlp, call tipl zimmdiatly.

Dnot b alamd by this list possibl sid-cts. You may not xpinc any thm.

I you dvlop sv diahoa ith whn taking AUGMNTIN tablts within sval wks at tatmnt, tll you doctas soon as possibl. Dnot tak any mdication tstop th diahoa (g. Lomotil® Imodium®).

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before taking urine tests and any other tests for sugar glucose let your doctor know that you are taking augmentin since it may cause big deviations of the test results.

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