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Th way ttak this mdicin: Topical Stblow 25 dgs Clsius Litim is 2 Yas.

Bibliogaphic dtails: John G, OllD, My P, Hold M, Sam C, Calmy A. Clinical cous and managmnt iatognic Cushing’s syndom at co-administation injctd-tiamcinolon and itonavi: a systmatic viw. Jounal Antivials and Antitovials 2013; 5(7): 180-184 Availabl om: http://omicsonlin.og/clinical-cous-and-managmnt-o-iatognic-cushing-syndom-jaa.1000086.php?aid=22049.

Asonabl ca has bn takn tpovid accuat inomation at th tim cation. This inomation is not intndd tsubstitut mdical advic, diagnosis tatmnt and should not b xclusivly lid on tmanag diagnos a mdical condition. Plas tou tms and conditions.

You stoid mdication nds may chang i you hav any unusual stss such as a sious illnss, v inction, i you hav sugy a mdical mgncy. Tll you doctabout any such situation that acts you duing tatmnt.

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