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I shotnss bath occus in th piod btwn doss, an inhald, shot-acting bta 2 -agonist should b takn immdiat li.

Coticostoids can low you immun systm, syou a mlikly tgt an inction pnumonia. 3,4 Avoid contact with popl whhav chicknpox, masls, oth contagious disass. Tll you povid i you hav any inctions, including tubculosis hps simplx th y.

Th inomation at is not a substitut mdical advic. Always consult you doctphamacist.

ADVAI DISKUS should b administd as 1 inhalation twic daily by th oally inhald out only. At inhalation, th patint should ins his/h mouth with wat without swallowing thlp duc th isk oophayngal candidiasis.

Gnic nam: SALMTOL XINAOAT 50ug, LUTICASON POPIONAT 100ug Dosag om: inhalation powd.

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if such effects occur, discontinue advair diskus slowly.

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