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Initial100 mg PO q12hrmay increase to 100 mg PO q8hr as early as day 4may consider increasing dose up to maximum 150 mg q8hr after several weeks if no clinical improvement observed with 100 mg q8hr Alternativelymay initiate with 75 mg PO q8hr.

Some patients who stopped smoking reported to have experienced symptoms of nicotine withdrawalincluding depressed mooddepressionrarely including suicidal ideationreported in smokers undergoing a smoking cessation attempt without medicationhoweversome of these adverse events occurred in patients taking bupropion who continued to smoke.

In short-term studiesantidepressants increased t suicidal thinking and behavior in childrenadolescentsand young adultsyounger than 24 yearstaking antidepressants for major depressive disorders and other psychiatric illnessesthis increase was not seen in patients older than 24 years Slight decrease in suicidal thinking was seen in adults older than 65 years In children and young adultsrisks must be weighed against the benefits of taking antidepressants Patients should be monitored closely for changes in behaviorclinical worseningand suicidal tendenciesthis should be done during initial 1-2 months of therapy and dosage adjustments The patient’s family should communicate any abrupt changes in behavior to the healthcare provider Worsening behavior and suicidal tendencies that are not part of the presenting symptoms may require discontinuation of therapythis drug is not approved for use in pediatric patients.

Initiate treatment for seasonal affective disorder in the autumn prior to onset of symptoms.

InitialUp to 3 mg/kg/day or 150 mg/day PO Titrate to 6 mg/kg/day or 300 mg/daymaximum.

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third, the fda database now includes 150 likely cases of hearing loss from taking bupropion, and 536 likely cases of tinnitus.

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